Fears That Prevent You From Taking Action

Fears That Prevent You From Taking Action.

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Fear is an emotion that serves us.

Believe it or not fear is there to keep you safe.

Many of the decisions you would have made as a child were with the intention to stay safe.

The intention to keep you safe has also been the fears that prevent you from taking action in your adulthood.

Our responses, ways of being and belief systems are usually the foundation of how we make decisions as an adult.

Fear becomes a point of focus when you realise that you have been in a comfort zone and desire radical change in your life.

Fears that prevent you from taking action:

  1. Fear of not being ready or adequate.

This is rooted in the belief that you are not enough. For some persons, during childhood the narrative that you needed to be more, do more was planted. As you grew the fear of not being ready or not being adequate enough would have played it self out in different areas of your life. For some people from an energetic management perspective (aka understanding Human Design) you have this consistent energy of not being ready or adequate or enough. (Full transparency this is me).

Understanding that this particular fear comes up often for you gets to be very empowering to note. This means that you get to do the very thing you don’t believe you can do. You know this particular fear is consistently here but it does not mean that your feeling of not being ready or adequate is true.

2. Fear of the future or the unknown.

It is human nature to need to know what next. A sense of control brings about feelings of safety. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen in the next minute. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Here are 3 ways you can navigate this fear.

  1. Set intentions before you take action.
  2. Remember you are divinely guided and supported.
  3. Make a decisions to be present in the moment.

3. Fear of repeating past mistakes.

The beliefs you have are the foundation for the types of decisions you make. You get to release your past mistakes, change your beliefs about the past experiences and take action from the present moment and not the past. I define this as a sacred dance between where you came from and the lessons you’ve learned and where you are trying to go. Law of attraction says that if you are to dwell solely on your past you will create another version of your past in your future.

4. Fear of Failure & Fear of Failing Your Responsibilities.

Failing yourself and failing others is another common fear that is present for many people. Consider looking at your fear of failure with bold questions like –

By whose standards are you failing? Is it by your standards or what was imposed on you?

What are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to?

What lessons can you learn from this situation?

Life does not happen to you. It happens for you. Fail forward my friend. Release the shame and guilt that you have to get life right all the time. There is no fun in that.

5.  Fear that life is empty and meaningless

A beautiful way to navigate this is connecting to your purpose. If you have not discovered what your purpose or purposes are just yet connect to the emotions you would like to feel. Reflect on your childhood and recall activities that you enjoyed doing.  Begin doing more of those. Life becomes fulfilling and purpose driven when you connect to the things that light you up.

6. Fear of not being perfect or things not being perfect.

What is perfection? By whose standards are things supposed to be a particular way? When you find yourself obsessing over things needing to be a certain way consider whose validation are you seeking. Have a moment and sit with your thoughts about control, expectation and attachment. Does you desire to have things a perfect way stem from the fear of inadequacy?


There are many common fears that prevent us from taking action.

The fears mentioned above are energetically consistent for many people.

When you see the fears that come up for you often you get to see it from a place of love.

Acknowledge it and thank it for trying to keep you safe and then make a decision to respond differently.


Here is a podcast episode that can give you some motivation as you navigate your fears.

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