Top 5 Books For Self Improvement

Top 5 Books For Self Improvement

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These are my top 5 books for Self Improvement. Ironically I was not a big reader in the past.

However I did see the ultimate power of reading books when I stumbled across a book called “You Have It in You” by Sheryl Brady. I read this book at the end of 2017 and it changed my life.

I cried through most of this book. It was the push I needed to resign from my 8-4 job.

You can take this book as a a bonus book to add to your list.


For each of my Top 5 Books I will give a 3 line personal summary of these books.

I will also share what was my greatest take away or where it helped me the most.


1. YOU SQUARED – By Price Pritchett


This is also one of the shortest books I have ever read. Essentially this book taught me less is more. In order to make strides in any area of my life the little shifts are essentially what creates a quantum leap. There is a story about a fly in here that really resonated. This is a book I gift friends and family who work work work but see very little return on their efforts.



2. Claim Your Power By Mastin Kipp

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This guy is one of my mentors. He just does not know it yet. This book is a 40 day guide that allows you to identify the blockages that are keeping you stuck. As you read this book you gain clarity about what has been stopping you from taking action and how to do the work to change it. I recommend if you are NOT new to personal development and are ready for a deepened but practical approach to your healing.



3. Atomic Habits By James Clear

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Before I read this book I believed I had a consistency issue. This book is very helpful to create new habits. This book is a resource that I use to support 1:1 clients. This is a great resource to stop old bad habits, create new ones and learn how to maintain it. If you feel stuck with awful habits or want to start healthy new ones this is a go to.



4. Get Rich Lucky Bitch By Denise Duffield -Thomas

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Your relationship with money is a major relationship to focus on as you do your inner work as well. This book is one of the most practical money books I have read. It is a very easy read. I learned a lot around decluttering beliefs about money while reading this book. Everything is easy to relate to. I recommend this if you know you have money blocks and want to get passed them.



5. Moving Beyond Trauma – The Roadmap to Healing From Your Past and Living with Ease and Vitiality – Ilene Smith




This is a great book if you have done a lot of talk therapy and still feel as though the needle is not moving as quickly as you think it should be. The more I do my own healing work and support clients the more I realised that somatic healing is necessary to support the healthy long lasting changes we would like. This is a great recommendation if you desire a deeper understanding of your trauma and how it shows up in your life.



Final Thoughts

Don’t over complicate your reading. If you are new to personal development books start with easier reads.

Pro tip – Do a “first flip through” of the book. If  you see & read things that resonated immediately then you are probably going to have an easier time finishing the book.

It may also sound “woo woo” but I also read books that I feel a vibe with.

Books with practical elements in it (recaps at the end of the chapter, journal prompts, links to resources & diagrams) are my preferred types of books.

The reason for this is because books are to be read and then taken action on.

Do not read for the sake of saying “I read 52 books this year”. Read for the sake of taking action and implementing as you read.

Hey some of these books for example – Claim Your Power By Mastin took me a lot longer than 40 days. It took about 2 months (maybe more) because I sat with what I read, internalised what I had read, implemented what I read and also shared it.

That integration is a process and it does not happen over night.


Do comment and let me know which book you are going to check out. If you read any do you recommend these as well?

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