Signs of Emotional Burnout

Signs of Emotional Burnout

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There are many signs of emotional burnout. This kind of burnout is a thing!

It is a real experience that can lead to depression.

In this podcast episode – Emotional Burnout Symptoms I shared my personal experience & shared signs of emotional burnout.

There is a difference between stress and burnout.


Stress says everything is overwhelming. Everything feels like too much.


Burnout says you’re drained. You feel as though you do not have any energy left to give.

How Do You Know If You Are Experiencing Burnout?

3:05- Difference between stress & burnout

5:29 – Insight into the start of me feeling burnout

7:50 – Signs of burnout

12:41 – The statement you say that screams burnout

16:25 – Burnout causes you to be disconnected from your body & God.

17:37 – Tools to help with burnout

19:09 – Burnout and self-betrayal

23:18 – How to overcome burnout

28:59 – The importance of Co-regulation to learn to self regulate

30:27 – Your emotional health is your mental health


You can also listen to this episode here:



When you feel like you have nothing left to give get support.

You were not meant to do this alone.

Your emotions matter. Pay attention because they provide you with great insight into what you need.


See this blog post where I shared my top books for self-improvement.

If this post resonated with you be sure to leave a comment and share what resonated with you.

1:1 Sessions & Breathwork sessions are great tools for support.

Connect soon.




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