What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life?

What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life?

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When you hit what feels like a brick wall in life the first question that usually comes to mind is what do you do when you feel stuck.

For starters I need you to know you aren’t alone.

Secondly you are in a very beautiful place of self discovery when you do feel stuck.

Yes we know it is not the most comfortable place to be, but that is actually a really good sign that you are on the brink of growth.

Here are the things you need to do when you feel stuck in life.

1.Recognize that all your emotions are valid.

The ones that don’t make you feel your greatest aren’t to be hidden or condemned.

They’re to be acknowledged as they indicate the parts of you that need healing.

It’s safe to feel your feelings.

2. Get clear on what you want.

If you struggle with a clear vision that’s ok, you’re not alone. You most certainly can connect to the emotions you’d like to feel.

Use this as your compass.

3.Do an audit on your life when you feel stuck.

When was the last time you examined the different areas of your life. What’s working? What’s not working? This audit is necessary for clarity and a starting point for making change.


4. Make a decision.

Decision making is key. The quality of your life is closely related to the compounded decisions you make daily.

Your desire to change must outweigh your desire to remain the same.

5. Take Action.

You can visualize, journal, meditate, do regression hypnosis etc and all the things (all are important) but there are also very key action oriented things that must be done to get the needle moving related to your goals.

Take a minute to create an action plan that aligns with your core values and the emotions you would like to feel.

Read, save and most certainly implement.


Feel free to listen to this podcast episode about actions that you can take when you feel stuck. It’s actually one of my most downloaded episodes to date so I know that it will support you.

Let me know what resonated the most 🙏😊

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